From the moment of my first encounter with Confederate Cavalry Reenactors, I have wondered what would happen if they got loose in the countryside in today’s world.

A company of Confederate Cavalry, equipped as they were during the war, under active operation while being pursued by the authorities.

Would they be crushed almost instantly by Police SWAT teams, ATF tactical teams, National Guard in helicopter gunships. Would it end up being awkward and pathetic or would men on horseback with guns still be a force to be reckoned with?

With that core idea in mind, I began to imagine how such a circumstance could occur. When you recall that the South was a separate country for nearly 5 years, you notice its absence.

A living breathing country that provided for the common defense, operated a Diplomatic Corps, a Treasury that printed currency, a Postal Service all founded on a Constitution virtually identical to the one at the archives in Washington DC.

When you think of the South during the war, mostly you think about the war. When you think about the war, you think about the battles and the generals and the outcomes. During all that, there was a country inhabited by people virtually identical in thinking, dress, religion and sense of patriotism as those left behind in the United States of America.

It all came and went quickly, in the scheme of things. Beyond waging war, there was so much that the government did associated with looking out for the people of the country. It worked to ensure a safe, fair and functional homeland.

It’s that functioning homeland that I “wish” to still exist, anonymously. Always in the background, looking out for the citizens. The scale of their continued presence would have to be small for reasons of likelihood and for the sake of their being able to continue to remain anonymous.

Smaller is always better when it comes to government and in my book – Ghost of a Chance – the still existing Confederate government is able to affect good works in very targeted ways without having to encounter the usual governmental inefficiencies associated with having a legislature and the usual complex pre-existing laws and procedures to be observed.

In my book, if the Hamilton’s ancient family farm is about to be auctioned in Chesterfield County Virginia – home to seven generations of Hamilton’s – the funds get wired to the auctioneer the day before the auction and just two days after the cabinet of the Confederate government was made aware of the need.

Once I developed the idea of a still functioning Confederate Government, working up a conflict between it and the Federal Government of the United States…well it just came naturally!


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